HABITS FOR OUR HOLINESS – Week 3 – Chapter 2 – “Our Soul’s Desire and Design:  The Practice of Worship”

“Worship is the central activity of every person’s existence.”  What an audacious statement that Philip Nation makes in the first line of chapter two!  His argument is that the simplest, most crude definition of worship is that it is whatever we obsess over. Bam! He nailed us – at least, he nailed me.  I can’t […]

Habits for Our Holiness — week 1

One of the challenges I’m giving to the people who are a part of Crossroads Church is to read, on a schedule, Philip Nation’s book, Habits for Our Holiness:  How the Spiritual Disciplines Grow Us Up, Draw Us Together, and Send Us Out.  Many books that deal with the spiritual disciplines are dense, almost academic in […]